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Rockwills.biz - Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. | Tel:  03 - 7782 1993
Rockwills.biz - Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. | Tel:  03 - 7782 1993
Rockwills.biz - Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. | Tel:  03 - 7782 1993

About Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd (274516-K)

Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd (274516-K) is the market leader and No. 1 Company in providing estate planning services specialized in Professional Will-Writing services in Malaysia. Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd is a member of Rockwills International Group.

Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd was launched on 23 August 1995. The pioneer in the region to provide retail Trust, Will-Writing and Will Custody Services. Its core business is providing Professional Will-Writing, Professional Will Custody and Trust Services from Rockwills Trustee Berhad through the appointment of Professional Estate Planner based on a franchise format. To-date, we have 4000 registered Estate Planner under Rockwills with a record of 200,000 Wills written (up to January 2017).

In recent years, with the financial market moving towards total financial planning which requires professional estate planning services, Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd has formed strategic alliances with many big corporations to provide Professional Will-Writing and Trust services to their clientele.

Rockwills have strategic alliances with a few banks and insurance companies.

About Rockwills Trustee Berhad (708932-T)

Rockwills Trustee Berhad is a Trust Corporation incorporated in Malaysia and registered under the Trust Companies Act 1949. Rockwills Trustee Berhad being a member of the Rockwills International Group, is an associate company of Rockwills Corporation Sdn. Bhd. To-date, Rockwills Trustee Berhad has more than 70,000 Executor/Trustee appointments; set up 8,000 private trusts. Total assets under trust worth RM8.0 billion.

Rockwills Business Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (626253-U)

Rockwills Business Solutions Sdn Bhd (RBS) is a member of the Rockwills International Group, the specialists in Professional Estate Planning. RBS is set up to service the needs of financial planners/sales intermediaries in the fast changing world of financial services by linking them to more financial products and support services.

Rockwills Business Solutions provides related financial products and services are as follows:-
  • Bereavement Care Services
  • Insurance Brokerage Services
  • Islamic Estate Planning
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Offshore Corporate Services
  • Professional Will Writing Services
  • Tax Planning, Accounting & Company Secretarial Services
  • Trustee Services
Rockwills Advisory Services Sdn Bhd (851892-P)

Rockwills Advisory Services Sdn Bhd (RAS) is a financial planning company specializing in comprehensive estate planning. It is licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia under the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 to provide clients with comprehensive estate planning and wealth succession advice.

Rockwills Group of Companies in Singapore

The Singapore Group of Companies comprise Rockwills International Pte Ltd, incorporated as the holding company for four of its subsidiaries, Rockwills Corporation Pte Ltd, Rockwills Trustee Limited, Rockwills Corporate Service Pte Ltd and Rockwills Institude Pte Ltd. It is a comprehensive and integrated group that covers Will Writing, Will Custody, Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Corporate Management Services.